January 12 2011 - Freedom releases a new Kreyol track "Kenbe La" and the Drumma Boy Remix of "Move On".

Drumma Boy remixes Freedom's hit single "Move On" to mark the one year anniversary of the earthquake. Drumma Boy has produced countless hits for artists such as Usher, Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Kanye West and many more. Freedom decided to collaborate with Drumma Boy to remember those we lost in the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti one year ago. Freedom and Drumma Boy are said to be working on more upcoming hits.

Freedom also releases a brand new Kreyol track for the one year anniversary of the earthquake. "Kenbe La" which means "hold on" in Kreyol was written by Freedom to inspire his people and give them strength to hang on tight because times will get better soon. "Kenbe La" is dedicated to all the people still living in tents one year after the devastating earthquake.

To support Haiti, please remember to buy "Move On" on Move On - EP - Freedom.

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January 05 2011 - The Children of L’École De L’Amitié get new benches.

L’École De L’Amitié is a school of over a thousand children that had nowhere to sit until we made it happen by donating these benches! It was truly a blessing to see the children so happy .We have much more planned for this school starting with new bathrooms and the cleaning of a canal that passes through it.

Tuesday 06 July 2010 - 
Learning Center Mission

Our First mission is to raise capital to create a learning center in Morne Laza, Port au Prince-Haiti. This center will specialize in educating homeless children who have been left alone due to the earthquake or Haiti’s previous conditions. We need your participation to make it happen. Please be generous and give what you can to help us create a better tomorrow for the youth of Haiti.

The donation section above is where we receive contributions of your choice in exchange for Freedoms music and a chance to be part of the Haitian Liberation Movement.

Thank You and God Bless

Sunday 13 June 2010 - 
Freedom in Los Angeles!

Freedom and his team also went to Los Angeles, California to put the finishing touches on the "Move On" video. Many celebrities came out to show their support.

Photos from top to bottom: Freedom and Stacey Dash, Freedom and Macy Gray, Freedom and the Valleywood Fit Girls.

Special care and thanks go to the following:
God whom nothing is possible without, Joy Donnell, Stefany Baclaan, Jennifer J. Valkana, Stephanie Rose, Lindsey Labrum, Rob Steven Williams, Clara Weizel, Kam Horne, EG Daily, Tanjareen Martin, Genevieve Jackson, Christina Poladian, Danny Naten, Claudia Jordan, Bishop Lamont, Mel Willmirth, Tia Jones, Carrie Lyn Taylor, Elijah Allah-Blitz, Gregory Brown, Mahal Jewelz, Danielle Nicolet, Bernadette Manansala, Stacie Williams, Tiffany Delorme, Oz Scott, Alicia Barbachano, Stacey Dash, Nahima Barnes, D’ London, Nahimia Kensie, Macy Gray, Cecila Wiggins, Brandon DeShazer, Detail (“Move On” song producer), Katie Coco, Arthur Wylie, Sala Baker, Tami Erin, Yaron Betan, Zavosh Zaboliyan, Paul Perard, Denyce Lawton, Maturin Petit, Menyone Deveaux, Fausto Vincent, Ray Cunningham, Patrick Reimers, Jordan Salomon, A. LeMont Miller, Mikey Post, Christopher Laroche, Kristen Kirchner, Jean-Woel Alcin, Joseph Reitman, Chad Courtney, Malcom Casselle, Keith Collins, Natalia Livingston, E. David Ellington Esq., Johnnie R. Maul, Fabian Duvernay, Joy Mikhael, Andrea Pearson, Nicole Brandon, Jeremy Larner, Chantal Laroche, Stephanie Rodriguez, Bert Cardozo, Derek Bohne, Young Buck, Kenya Lucas and Life.

Sunday 28 February 2010 - 
Freedom In Haiti!

Freedom and his team went back to Haiti to help with the relief efforts. He brought back supplies and also captured his journey on film to create a documentary about the current situation in Haiti. A music video for the song “Move On” was also shot to bring awareness and inspire help from the people around the world.

Wednesday 20 January 2010 - 
Liberation: 1804 Special Edition Now Available!

A Special Edition of Freedom's debut album Liberation: 1804 is now available on the Help Now section of Save Haiti Today. Please give what you can to help us do our part in saving Haitian lives. Every penny will go towards the relief effort. With each donation, you will receive a Digital Copy of Liberation:1804 Special Edition including two new bonus tracks.

Freedom's new single Move On will also be available for download with every contribution soon.

Please, Help Now! Lives depend on your generosity.

God Bless.

Tuesday 19 January 2010 - 
Sasha Kramer sent a message to Freedom and the members of Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL).

This afternoon, feeling helpless, we decided to take a van down to Champs Mars (the area around the palace) to look for people needing medical care to bring to Matthew 25, the guesthouse where we are staying which has been transformed into a field hospital. Since we arrived in Port au Prince everyone has told us that you cannot go into the area around the palace because of violence and insecurity. I was in awe as we walked into downtown, among the flattened buildings , in the shadow of the fallen palace, amongst the swarms of displaced people there was calm and solidarity. We wound our way through the camp asking for injured people who needed to get to the hospital. Despite everyone telling us that as soon as we did this we would be mobbed by people, I was amazed as we approached each tent people gently pointed us towards their neighbors, guiding us to those who were suffering the most. We picked up 5 badly injured people and drove towards an area where Ellie and Berto had passed a woman earlier. When they saw her she was lying on the side of the road with a broken leg screaming for help, as they were on foot they could not help her at the time so we went back to try to find her. Incredibly we found her relatively quickly at the top of a hill of shattered houses. The sun was setting and the community helped to carry her down the hill on a refrigerator door, tough looking guys smiled in our direction calling out “bonswa Cherie” and “kouraj”.

When we got back to Matthew 25 it was dark and we carried the patients back into the soccer field/tent village/hospital where the team of doctors had been working tirelessly all day. Although they had officially closed down for the evening, they agreed to see the patients we had brought. Once our patients were settled in we came back into the house to find the doctors amputating a foot on the dining room table. The patient lay calmly, awake but far away under the fog of ketamine. Half way through the surgery we heard a clamor outside and ran out to see what it was. A large yellow truck was parked in front of the gate and rapidly unloading hundreds of bags of food over our fence, the hungry crowd had already begun to gather and in the dark it was hard to decide how to best distribute the food. Knowing that we could not sleep in the house with all of this food and so many starving people in the neighborhood, our friend Amber (who is experienced in food distribution) snapped into action and began to get everyone in the crowd into a line that stretched down the road. We braced ourselves for the fighting that we had heard would come but in a miraculous display of restraint and compassion people lined up to get the food and one by one the bags were handed out without a single serious incident.

During the food distribution the doctors called to see if anyone could help to bury the amputated leg in the backyard. As I have no experience with food distribution I offered to help with the leg. I went into the back with Ellie and Berto and we dug a hole and placed the leg in it, covering it with soil and cement rubble. By the time we got back into the house the food had all been distributed and the patient Anderson was waking up. The doctors asked for a translator so I went and sat by his stretcher explaining to him that the surgery had gone well and he was going to live. His family had gone home so he was alone so Ellie and I took turns sitting with him as he came out from under the drugs. I sat and talked to Anderson for hours as he drifted in and out of consciousness. At one point one of the Haitian men working at the hospital came in and leaned over Anderson and said to him in kreyol “listen man even if your family could not be here tonight we want you to know that everyone here loves you, we are all your brothers and sisters”. Cat and I have barely shed a tear through all of this, the sky could fall and we would not bat an eye, but when I told her this story this morning the tears just began rolling down her face, as they are mine as I am writing this. Sometimes it is the kindness and not the horror that can break the numbness that we are all lost in right now.

So, don’t believe Anderson Cooper when he says that Haiti is a hotbed for violence and riots, it is just not the case. In the darkest of times, Haiti has proven to be a country of brave, resilient and kind people and it is that behavior that is far more prevalent than the isolated incidents of violence. Please pass this on to as many people as you can so that they can see the light of Haiti, cutting through the darkness, the light that will heal this nation.

We are safe. We love you all and I will write again when I can. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

With love from Port au Prince,

Saturday 16 January 2010 - 
Freedom planning trip to Haiti

Freedom will travel to Haiti to assist in the humanitarian efforts. He will be bringing with him Doctor’s masks that will allow people to walk around Port-au-Prince with the growing smell and dust. He will also be bringing medical supplies, portable water filters and crankable flashlights that people would be able to use at all times with manual power. With the situation deteriorating, these items will be essencial in the recovery of this country.

Saturday 16 January 2010 -  Haiti needs your help!

There are many ways that you can donate to assist in Haiti’s relief. Text donations are the easiest way to help out. Through the Yele foundation, in the U.S. you can text “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to help Haiti. In Canada, through the Salvation Army, you can text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $5. There are other charities that are taking donations for the cause such as the Red Cross. Food and Clothing drives are being held across the United States, specifically in New York and Miami if you live in the area. The people in Haiti need more than money to get out of their situation. There are people still stuck under the rubble of collapsed buildings and they cannot be rescued because of the lack of equipment to create pathways. There is international help on the way to Haiti but it can’t get there soon enough. Time is of the essence!!! Save Haiti Today by making a donation of some sort, monetary, medical supplies, food, water, tents and clothes.